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I plan to focus on helping people understand more about BMX bikes. People might think that BMX bikes are hard to understand. if you look at the picture below you will see the parts of the BMX bike. If you look below the diagram you will see my bike. The basic parts of a BMX bike is seat, pedals, grips, frame, wheels, crank, chain , and brakes. They are the most essential parts of the BMX bike. They are most important because that is all you will need to make a BMX bike. There are different bikes for different terrain. For example there if flat land, street, dirt, and racing. They each involve different skill level. For example dirt, you need to learn how to level out your bike in mid-air so you do not face plant and possibly break a bone. Another thing that is important is to make sure you always have a tight chain. If your chain is loose and you are pedaling than your chain will pop. With a tight chain it is less likely for it to pop off the chain wheel. If you put it too tight you can strip your rear hub.
Another tip is always have your tires pumped up to a decent air pressure. If your tire doesn't have the right amount of air and it is too flat than you can bend your rim and mess up your frame. If you mess them up it can cost a lot of money to get them possibly cost around $100 to $150 for the frame, and $25 to $50 for the rim. Brakes can cost about $25 to $50 as well as the rim. Also there are different bikes for different terrines. For example down below you can see a diagram of the different bikes that are used for street, dirt, flatland, and racing. An interesting fact about racing bikes is their chain-wheel is bigger that the others because they need a better take off when they race.Another interesting fact is that BMX riders wet the dirt so they can ride behind one another so they don't kick up dirt in their faces. I also have a few interesting ticks that you can do on a BMX bike.
1) bunnyhop
2) sliders
3) 180
4) 270
5) 360 (1 full spin)
6) 540
7) 720 (2 full spins)
8) 900
9) 1080 (3 full spins)

10) tailwhip
Those are the top ten most common tricks to learn on a BMX bike. One pro-biker is Tom Dugan. Sponsored by Etnies. Etnies is a popular BMX and skateboarding logo, company, and shoe brand. There are many type of shoes to ride BMX in, but my favorites are NIKE SB, DC, OSIRIS, VANS, ADIDAS, and last FALLEN. Also BMX has started in the early 1970s.
My BMX bike called Verde Cadet
Parts of the BMX bike.


  1. How are you going to help people learn about BMX bikes. In other words, what will you create to share with them. In order to spread the word that you want people to answer your question, would you be okay with me sharing this beyond our NBMiddleAg twitter?

  2. What kind of tricks can you do better on this bike then on other bikes?

    1. if you see they all have different size frames. Flat land is a smaller frame than racing because it is heavier than the flat land. You can also do more tricks on flat land bikes and dirt/ramps because of the frame size.

  3. I like how you added the video of the people doing bmx and how you added the picture that named all of the parts on the bike and I didn't realize there was that many parts. What kind of bike and parts do you think are the best?

    1. The parts that i think are the best is all of them because you need them all to build and ride a BMX bike or any bike.

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  4. If there is anymore questions i will answer them ASAP!!!!!